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Business Sectors

Working in the five main sectors pursued by the Kobe Steel Group (iron and steel, raw materials, nonferrous metals, machinery and electronics, and welding), we will build our business operations on the basis of a firm relationship of mutual trust among users and vendors both in Thailand and abroad.

Iron & Steel

Stable supply of world-class,
quality steel made by Kobe Steel

As a foundation for developing industries and the economy, steel is extensively used in various elds, such as automobiles, ships, electrical appliances, machinery equipment, and many others. We contribute to the industrial development in Thailand by providing customers with Kobe Steel's products "reliably", "promptly," and "reasonably."

Raw Materials

Reliable material procurement accomplished
through supplying materials for high-grade steel

Shinsho Corporation Group has been successfully procuring and supplying quality iron and steel raw materials for Kobe Steel, a world leader in providing quality steel for many years. By using the knowledge, experience, and international network developed through these activities, we now supply quality steel materials to customers in Thailand as well.

Nonferrous Metals

Contribute to a more environmentally-conscious society
by providing a large selection of aluminum and copper products

Aluminum and copper products are becoming increasingly important for developing an eco-friendly society. We have a variety of advanced aluminum and copper products to meet customer needs. They include aluminum parts for the automobile industry and raw materials for the high-tech industry, including personal computers and digital home appliances.

Machinery & Electronics

Advanced Japanese technology supports
the industrial development in Thailand

We offer highly-precise, efficient, and environmentally-friendly Japanese equipment and machinery, primarily from Kobe Steel Group products, to the growing industries in Thailand. We aim to maintain a bridge between Thailand and Japan to ensure the stable and sustainable development of both counties through developing key industry and infrastructure environments.

Welding Provide advanced welding material

Welding materials are used extensively in many fields, such as automobiles, shipbuilding, bridges, oil tanks, and others. We "sately", "reliably", and "promptly" supply customers with Kobe Steel's top-quality welding materials, which ensure easy working and fine finishing.

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